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What New Creation Community Is All About
Building Bridges

I love bridges. Bridges are awesome. They bring disconnected things together, which is not always easy to do in this life.

Sometimes a small bridge is all that’s needed. Something to go over a little creek or a dip in the road. I have also seen chasms that most people would say could never be conquered, but there, spanning the void, is a bridge.

Some bridges are very simple. No fancy railings, no majestic arches, just enough was put into them to get the job done and that’s all that was needed.

Some bridges are very elaborate. It’s obvious that much time was put into the thinking and planning of how to build the bridge, what precise materials to use and the physics involved. A lot of patience and time went into the actual construction and,in the end, they become a functional work of art.  

That’s what we do here at New Creation--we build bridges. In today’s world It’s easy for people to become disconnected from the church, from God, from each other. Sometimes it’s just that a little bump or dip has come up along life’s way and a simple bridge is all that’s needed. Sometimes something has happened to cause a great chasm and reconnecting can seem impossible. These are the bridges that take the most time, patience and energy but usually turn out to be magnificent works of art.

So wherever you happened to be at in your journey, cruising along smoothly or maybe needing some help to build a bridge or even just to cross one, we invite you to join us at New Creation sometime. Most of us here have been on both sides, and we’d love to join you in your journey.