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Armageddon Again Brett

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask
In this series we tackle some tough questions that Christians are sometimes asked and can be afraid to answer or not know exactly how to answer.  Our approach isn't based on how to prove your position on these topics, but to offer evidence to anyone genuinly interested that there is enough scientific and historical facts that beg a person to investigate these topics and find the answers for themselves.
How Can You Trust The Bible Brett
How Can You Know God Is Real Brett
How Can A Good God Allow So Much Evil Brett


Just Walk Across The Room
This is the message series that kicked off our friendship evangelism campaign.  The ideas and principles are based on the book, "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybels and shows how everyone can be a witness for Jesus just by being a friend.
Part-I: Walk Across The Room Pastor Brett
Part-II: Living In 3-D Pastor Brett
Part-III: The Power of Story Pastor Brett

Stand Alone Messages

Here are some messages outside of when we are doing a series.  A prodigal kind of love, living God's kingdom now, knowing and living God's will and spiritual anchors to tie our faith to.
Prom Night Prodigal Brett
The Kingdom of God Mike
The Event Horizon: Knowing God's Will Brett
Hope Is Where The Heart Is Brett


Searchers of the Sanctuary
The Biblical sanctuary is the ultimate example of storytelling through symbology and ritual. Far from being outdated with no meaning for modern times, the sanctuary is one of the foundational elements for really understanding the power and depth of God's mission to rescue His children.
Part-I: The Cutting of the Covenant Brett
Part-II: Enter His Gates Brett
Part-III: Abide With Me Brett
Part-IV: Come Into His Presence Brett


Daniel and Revelation: Game of Thrones
Join us as we travel through the maze of prophetic symbols and apocalyptic allegories in the books of Daniel and Revelation!  We will look at the prophecies of the world history and compare to the current events of the world we live in today for a clearer picture of where we are in the timeline of Biblical prophecy.
Babylon Rising Part-I Brett
Babylon Rising Part-II Brett
Daniel 2: The Game of Thrones Brett
Easter Message Mike

The Many Gospels Of Jesus
"Gospel" simply means "good news".  "The Gospel according to..." really simply means someone who knew Jesus told their story of their experiences with Him.  In that sense, we all have a unique "gospel" to share! This message series takes a look at the different ways Jesus brought "good news" into the lives of the people He met and how those experiences can be ours as well.
The Gospel of the 2nd Thief Mike
The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman Brett
The Gospel of the Forgotton Family Brett
The Gospel of the One Leper Mike


Falling In Love With Jesus
This series came about in an effort to help our church family re-live a "falling in love with Jesus" experience.  Our belief is that it's a good idea for all of us to remember how we first came to know and love Jesus so our relationship with Him continues to grow.
John 3:16 A new look at an old text Brett
We Are All Called Women's Ordination Mike
Big Buts Loving With Our Actions Brett
The Art of Being Me There Is A Me To Be Brett
God Really Loves You God's Love In Our Lows Mike
The Art of Being Me II Finding The Real You Brett


Judges: The Wild West of the Bible
If there is any part of the Bible that most resembles the wild west, it has to be the book of Judges.  "And everyone did what was right in their own eyes" it says in Judges, and that is a recipe for some tall tales and wild times.  This series we will take a look at some of the unlikely characters God raised up to be the Marshals of a lawless people who had a hard time learning their lessons.
Stupid Husband Tricks Samson and his fatal flaws
God's One Hit Wonders Othniel and the double wicked blackness
Ehud Left-handed Heroes

Scenes of Recovery
The messages in this series focus on understanding the 12 steps as "The Gospel for Dummies" and applying the 12 steps to our everyday lives.  These messages aren't just for "addicts" it is a simple and practical way for every person to live and find a life full of joy and peace no matter your circumstance.
Missing Peaces Finding the peace that passes understanding
Let It Go Steps 1-3 restores our connection with God.
Up The Down Staircase Steps 4-7 heals our connections with ourselves.
Peace With Others Steps 8-10 heals our connections with others.
Continuing The Peace Steps 11-12 help us to live in peace that passes understanding
Trivial Pursuits The Rich Young Ruler; Master of Trivial Pursuit
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